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Davey Backyard

Davey Backyard

Hi I'm David Thorpe, Aka Li'l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine, Davey Backyard, The Skeatles, The Harmonica Guy, The Old Fashioned Singalong, etc... yep, it gets a bit complicated but essentially, I am one guy, with a ton of different music and creative projects and a brain like a firework display.

Davey Backyard is my 'Barroom singer' persona. in my decades of performing, I have played in hundreds of bars, and a tons of weddings & events. I lean heavily in the genres of Country, folk, Blues and 50's 60's 70's Classics.

Based in Christchurch New Zealand since 2003, I started Backyard Music in the UK 1998. Backyard music is an ethos, I like to keep things in the 'backyard' by keeping it local, keeping the focus on community & drawing on the local talent around me. New Zealand made.

Check out Davey Backyard here:

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