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Dr T and the Dangerous Women

Dr T and the Dangerous Women

A bourbon infused idea of The Dr (Hyram Twang) that came to fruition on the Whare Flat Festival stage in 2022 then developed more fully at a house concert and Dunedin Folk Club shows in early 2023.

The Dangerous Women are at the core Alexandra Bidwell - upright bass, bass guitar, cello; Sophia Bidwell - piano and accordion; Anna Bowen - fiddle and mandolin; Claire Louise - vocals; and Alan Metcalf - drums, percussion. Other local women musicians are often invited to sit-in on gigs so song arrangements and performances can change from one show to the next.

The band focuses around Dr Twang’s roots and Americana leanings with his originals and covers of artists such as Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, Warren Zevon, Patty Griffin, Sophia Pfister, Daniel Lanois and others.

As two of the band live in Christchurch gigs are few and far between with the band only getting together for rehearsal the day before or on the day of the gig so there is always the chance for a bit of wheel spin on the curves which is exciting for all of us!

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