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Fiddlesticks present twin fiddles, a melting pot of styles, originals, vocals, bass and guitar.

On our honeymoon, Fiddlesticks was the name we came up with for our musical vision, a twin fiddle duo being, us Karen and Alistair (Jacko) Jackson. Since then what a journey! Fiddlesticks played professionally for ten years as a duo, inevitably developing into a family band as sons George and Mackenzie accompanied us around the country. Fiddlesticks and Double Trouble toured NZ and Australia for another ten years until the boys flew the coup. Whilst living in Alice Springs Australia, Fiddlesticks morphed into a four piece band. Now back in NZ, Fiddlesticks are a trio which includes wonderful Carol Rose.

We loved our sixteen years in Australia, cherished the many challenges and opportunities that presented with music, partnerships and influences. Some of the highlights of our time in Australia include: performing and touring the Queensland Arts Council; being very involved in the Fiddle Club community around Australia; founding and directing the Sunshine Fiddle Camp; in 2018 running the Fiddlers Rally at the National Folk Festival and having been members of the Shetland Fiddle group Hjaltibonhoga in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo the two times it toured Australia.

Our last six years in Australia saw us settle in the Northern Territory and we were surrounded by music, culture, and opportunity. Karen worked as a strings teacher and founded the Desert Fiddle Club. The Fiddlesticks Band had a residency at a local recycle café, which seemed fitting. Jacko found a new passion in Klezmer music whilst Karen rekindled her passion of Traditional Scottish music.

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