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Mike Harding

Mike Harding

Folk and popular songs of New Zealand, past to the present, north to south.

Mike Harding, born in the small town of Eketahuna, New Zealand, embraced a lively childhood filled with rugby, swimming, and adventures. In Palmy, he discovered his passion for guitar, igniting a dynamic journey into music. Mike's talents shone in Auckland, where he captivated audiences in folk clubs and on the vibrant streets from 1978 to 1984. His career took off with the release of "Time on the Road" LP, leading to thrilling tours across New Zealand, marked by memorable solo shows. Mike later found his calling in New Plymouth, dedicating 25 years to teaching guitar and fostering a new generation of musicians.

Mike is a masterful musical storyteller, completely at ease with his instrument and his audience, dedicated to his mission of uncovering, archiving, learning, and performing the folk and popular songs from New Zealand's past and present. His repertoire spans from the colonial and folk roots to the contemporary Kiwi music scene. In his solo, acoustic performances, Mike presents songs of home with humour and affection, blending spontaneity with musical skill. Each show is a tribute to New Zealand, its people, and the diverse narratives they hold.

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