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The Festival Folk Orchestra with Fiddlesticks

A fun community performance opportunity for musicians at the Festival. Open to all acoustic Folk instruments! A fiddle tune will be uploaded in 1-2 parts for the treble instruments and a chord sheet for Guitar/Bass. The participants download the music (20 mins of Music) before they come to the festival so they are familiar with it (music will be available at the festival) Each day of the festival the participants gather in the hour before the day's performances start. The music is workshopped and arranged through the weekend and prepared for a performance on the last day or night of the festival. It is best learnt by ear however music stands and readers are equally very welcome.

Download the sheet music below:

Set 1 - Hungarian Mud Dance Tune
Download PDF • 32KB

Set 2 - Shetland Set
Download PDF • 858KB

Set 3 01 - Mrs Joyscream
Download PDF • 396KB

Set 3 02 - The Boston Urban Ceilidh
Download PDF • 89KB

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