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Accessibility Info

Mobility, Accessible Amenities

The festival events are held in 5 locations around the site. All are within short walking distance from each other. All buildings on site are wheelchair accessible. There are no defined mobility parking spaces, but if you let us know of any requirements beforehand we can try our best to accommodate you.

The Waipara Adventure Centre is set on a hill, with a gravel road that is on an incline leading between the top and lower terraces. This path is about 130m on a medium incline. On the top terrace is the Stedfast Lodge, the Main Hall, the kitchen and the Memorial Unit cabin. On the lower terrace is Tui Lodge, Birch Hill Lodge and the campsite.

All buildings on site have ramps and are wheelchair accessible. Many doors have lips or small steps in the entrance.

The Stedfast Lodge on the top terrace has an accessible shower and toilet.
On the lower terrace, the Birch Hill Lodge has an excellent newly built accessibility shower and toilet.

Any questions about accessibility for wheelchairs, other mobility devices or otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All bunkrooms have power outlets.


Seating is provided in all workshop and concert locations on the festival programme, with perhaps the exception of dancing or movement workshops, where there might seating at the side of the room but it's not guaranteed. 

Lighting & Noise Levels

There are no flashing or strobe lights in part of any of our performances.
While the majority of the instruments at the festival are acoustic instruments, we do use an electric sound system for performances in the Main Hall, and sometimes in the Tui Lodge. This may get moderately loud, especially with crowd noise and the noise of dancing at the Ceilidh. 

In the tradition of folk festivals, small impromptu music sessions might start. A level of courtesy is expected (ie no noise during sleeping hours in the campsite), however if you require a level of quiet for sleep or during the day we recommend you bring earplugs, noise-cancelling headphones or similar. There are no designated quiet zones, but there is a lot of space for camping far away from other tents. 

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