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Beside the Waipara river, on an early Autumn Dawn
Canterbury’s annual Folk Festival is born..

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The tents pop up, excitement’s abound. There are always flat tent-pitching-posys around…

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Autumn arriving..
We feel the chrisp air.
Friends gather, catch up, shoot the breeze & share…

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Musicians’ arrive
(this one makes his guitars)..
Via planes, campers or drive their own cars!!

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Bunk rooms avail, there are loos there are showers.
A cafe that’s open from the wee-breakie hours.

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Ruth Wyand (US) plays jazz, slide and blue..
Runs a bottleneck workshop to suit all of you…

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Bottle-neck slides, she’ll arrive with a stash..
If you wish to buy one, come with some cash…

fest_Himmerland_6.jpg thumb

The Himmerland Band from Denmark they come,
Sax, flute, song & percussion
Expertise with fun…

Nick_Charles_4.jpg thumb

Nick Charles from Australia, blues, folk and jazz
World acclaimed talent
this musician has…

vikki_Grant_1.jpg thumb

Vikki Grant (Australia) A Rythmn guitarist ‘must see’..
Performs with stomp box, guitar & djembe..

Nukes_Alley_shot.jpg thumb

The Nukes (from Auckland), will gather a GIANT UKE BAND

The_Nukes_low_res.jpg thumb

Come along… bring your uke…
(and they’ll have twenty spare on hand)!!

barry__Caroline.jpg thumb

Barry Saunders & Caroline Easther talents combine
Song writing , rythmn, in music & rhyme…

hobnaqil_boots...jpg thumb

Hobnail band (Wellington)
A vibe hard to beat.
Alt-Folk music to get you up on your feet…

erin__John_1.jpg thumb

Sizzling instrumentals,
Banjo, guitar & song
The magical energy of Erin Manu & Frank John

Hyrem_6.jpg thumb

Hyram Twang of Twang Town fame.. West Americana style..
(it’s from where this lad came)…

dave_dave_and_the_not_daves.jpg thumb

Dave, Dave & the Not Daves.. 6 years have jammed.. Harmonious musicians..
A Christchurch boys band.

fest_Claire950x350.jpg thumb

Clair Hastings… BBC’s winner of the year,
from Scotland she’ll travel to perform for us here…

Joseph_1.jpg thumb

Due to popular demand as Guest Artist this year.. Joseph Balfe..
Young guitarist Extraordinaire !!!

CJ.jpg thumb

A Ceilidh dance on Friday night for all
With ‘The Incredible Band’ & Gary doing the ‘call’…

wizards_13.jpg thumb

Our Christchurch Wizards will be here in full force.
Daniel, Ari & ‘Arch Wizard Jack’..of course !

wizards_2.jpg thumb

A musician,
A magician,
Tricks for kids to learn and see..

wizard_12.jpg thumb

Chat with the World’s Arch Wizard Jack
Over a tasty wee snack or a hot cuppa tea !!

Liz_Weir_3.jpg thumb

Our professional story teller, Liz Weir..
Is a fab fun-loving, talented children’s puppeteer…

Festival_2013_1.jpg thumb

Dunedin folk set up ‘Beaver Lodge as their lair..
A ‘theme party’ they hold..

Festival_2013_2.jpg thumb

Come dressed, bring nibbles,
All welcome..
Be there !!!

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There are concerts for all… A great place to be.
Fun to be had by the whole family…

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Blackboard Concerts galore, are always good fun…

DSC05560.JPG thumb

Put your name up.. Perform..
And impress everyone…

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Young artists are encouraged to
perform sing and play…

fest_24.jpg thumb

even the wee tots, can have their day…

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Steve our sound expert down to-the-core.
Will make you sound your best .. for sure!!

blind_date_2015.jpg thumb

Blind Date Concerts are a ‘random’affair.
Put your name in the ballot, to be chosen, be there…

IMG_6052.JPG thumb

It can be ‘quite impressive’ the song they play..
(the first practice was only the previous day!!)

f_Choir_1.jpg thumb

The choir is always a harmonious treat, come along, join in, newcomers they’ll greet…

Fest_13_Concert_crowd.jpg thumb

As musicians perform there’s heckling laughter and song, as we all give a cheer and all sing along..

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For those who like learning, the workshops are great…

f26.jpg thumb

(you could learn new techniques off your musician mate!!!).

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The days can be hot..
The nights can be cold.
So wrap up warm as the evenings unfold…

No_26.jpg thumb

When the sun goes down…

f15.jpg thumb

Jam sessions begin…
Musicians and visitors all pitching in…

DSC05529.JPG thumb

Fun gatherings continue through-out the night…

festival_26.jpg thumb

With ‘some’ who keep jamming, until morning light…

IMG_5848.JPG thumb

Toss a haggis, build a raft, run a race, kick a ball…

IMG_5854.JPG thumb

The ‘Teen games’ are great fun…
(and some ‘teens’ are ‘quite tall’!!!)…

f29.jpg thumb

Sometime it just nice to relax & converse,
about music, and life and whole the universe !!!

f27.jpg thumb

An experience to treasure…
A family treat… A time to remember that’s damn hard to beat…

Guest Artists

2016 festival




Guest Artist Application for 2017- Closed for 2016 - 


Everyone is welcome to come along and be part of this unique annual, family-friendly festival of music.

 Folk Music is 'the music of the people'; Alt Country, Rock, Ballads to Blues..

 There are Concerts and Workshops to suit all genres of music for all age groups. 

A supervised Children's Programme and Teen activities run throughout the duration of the festival. 

(See the Drop Down tabs at the top of this page for all details of concerts, guest artists performances and workshops, teen activities, children's programme, onsite facilities, the weekend's timetable, venue map and admission charges). 

Situated at the Waipara Adventure Centre, North Canterbury; 

40 minutes north of Christchurch City 
50 minutes drive from the Christchurch Airport


The Canterbury Folk Music Festival is an annual event, held for the wider Canterbury Communities and designed to facilitate a family orientated music festival promoting family relaxation, music, education and the arts.

Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly family environment and a wide range of music, concerts, educational workshops and artistic entertainment for the whole family.

 This is a family orientated event, open to the public, for Cantabrians to come along, relax, share, join in the activities, perform and enjoy.

The festival is traditionally run over the Easter period - with an emphasis on promoting Canterbury local and upcoming musicians, New Zealand musicians and International musicians who are chosen to add a unique cultural and educational experience for festival attendees.  Musicians are invited to perform at concerts and run informative, educational and fun workshops for all festival goers to attend. All of the attending guest artists are required to socialise throughout festival duration with attendees, play music and share their knowledge & expertise. There are also organised events which facilitate attendees of all ages who perform with and alongside the guest artists. This provides encouragement and confidence to upcoming younger musicians and music hobbyists alike.  

The music festival provides concerts (performed by invited professional guest musicians), and also multiple opportunities for festival attendees to perform while using professional equipment, guided by a professional sound technician, and in front of an appreciative ‘listening’ audience. This provides encouragement and experience for the local Canterbury younger musicians and artists, and a lifetime experience for many small children (who are also facilitated for throughout the festival duration, and encouraged to perform).

There is an organised supervised children's programme for the young ones, as well as plenty to do for the teens among the crowd. Children’s activities and Teen games / activities are supervised and always attended by many adults who join in the festivities alongside the children & teens, creating a unique, enjoyable, good-spirited sharing supportive environment.

Attendees of all age groups share a common love of multi-genre music, and not all are musicians.

Many come just to enjoy the friendship, fun, music, relaxation and friendly atmosphere this weekend brings.

Brought to you by: The Christchurch Folk Music Festival Inc. 

Facilities Overview:

(see the 'accommodation' drop down tab to view facilities) 

  • Camping sites, powered and unpowered
  • Bunk rooms available (heated and carpeted)
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchen facilities on-site
  • You can choose to supply and cook your own meals in the kitchen facilities on site. There are catering services onsite throughout the festival duration, and a coffee vending cart. Snacks and light refreshments are available for purchase during the day. 



  • You can choose to bring your own food & cook in one of the many kitchens on site. 

  • Catering facilities are available throughout the weekend.
  • Cafe style food / bakery & coffee also available throughout the day.

It is advised to pre order cooked dinners directly from the caterers to ensure availability.. 


These are required to be pre ordered.